About us

Historia Vivens is a platform dedicated to the promotion of Living History, Folklore, and Heritage Tourism. Our mission is to showcase and celebrate the rich cultural heritage of the world through articles, photographs, and reportages from events and historical sites. We are passionate about keeping history alive and relevant by highlighting the value of experiencing it firsthand through open-air living history and folklore museums, theme parks, and archaeoparks. By bringing attention to these unique and immersive experiences, we hope to inspire others to connect with their roots and appreciate the traditions and customs of the past. Join us in our journey to preserve and promote the wonders of Living History, Folklore, and Heritage Tourism.

Historia Vivens was founded in .... by a group of passionate individuals dedicated to preserving and promoting living history, folklore and heritage tourism. What started as a small online community has grown into a leading platform for historical sites, open-air living history museums, and theme parks to showcase their events and attractions. Our team of writers and photographers travel to various sites and events around the world, capturing the essence of history and bringing it to our readers through articles and reportages. Over the years, we have become a trusted source for information and inspiration for those interested in experiencing the past in a tangible and immersive way.